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On April 14, Enancer Electrónica, Lda representing the brand ONLY SmartBuildings inaugurated its ShowRoom at the premises in Braga.
This space is intended for all your customers, partners and the general public who wish to visit us and learn about the functionalities of ONLY solutions.
The 55m2 space has a dining room, a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom and a garden. In each compartment we can interact with automation, air conditioning, sound and security solutions.
The same room also serves to demonstrate Smart Hotel solutions with specific presence / absence panels in the room, cleaning, among others.
Through personalized scenarios, we are able to show visitors how our smart HOME can mold itself to the comfort and desire of each person.
The visitor has the possibility to control the entire HOME with your own cell phone, from the BeONLY APP. The respective access data is displayed at the entrance to the showroom.
Here, it is intended that the experience lived in our HOME, is a reflection of what each one of us needs and can enjoy in his own home.
Comfort, energy efficiency and technology associated with a single motto:
Our technology, your rules!
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