ONLY fulfills the dream of a smart home in a simple and intuitive way.
An attractive design, the simplicity of use and the absolute customisation offer an incomparable lifestyle.

Welcome to Only lifestyle.

So intuitive as intense

With BeONLY app all the power of automation is in your hands.
An exciting and innovative tech experience, oriented to your comfort, safety and energetic efficiency.

BeONLY app is your assistant to your ONLY Smart Home and you may use it with your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Wall Panels

Only Click

Timeless Pleasure
Timeless pleasure for the “click” reaction enthusiasts.

Only Touch

Smooth Control
The soft touch, control without commotion.

Only Wave

Advanced Technology
No click, no touch, just wave up or down, left or right… Like many things in life, all you need to do is waving.


Composed to
relax you

The power of music is immense. High quality sound in every room and at every moment. Waking up with music while curtains open, listening to the latest news on the radio while you prepare to start the day, or activating a scenario of background music while softening the light in the room. Set it up once and enjoy it whenever you want.

Endless possibilities, always.


Designed to
enlighten you

One touch to turn on, turn off or adjust the lights according to your mood. An infinite universe of options. We take your personal environment further when all natural and artificial lighting adjusts to each moment of your day, whether it is a dinner with friends or a home cinema evening.

The perfect environment with just one touch.


Made to
comfort you

Comfort and energy efficiency in constant balance. We challenge the climatization systems which are installed to achieve the most efficient combination by changing for example between air conditioning and underfloor heating. But above all your comfort is raised by an excellent environment every time you arrive home or by automatically closing the shutters when a room achieves a certain temperature.

All for a smart comfort.


Crafted to
protect you

Customising absence or night modes or specific safety scenarios make it possible to act preventively on your safety. In order to keep you safe and by interacting with light system, shutters open and lights turn on in case of fire detection.

Your home always vigilant.

Web Server Integration

The core thinker

myONLY server is a must in your ONLY Smart Home, as it will improve your daily experience.
A silent controller at your ONLY Smart Home that works seamless with myONLY app. The more you use it, the more it’ll keep a firm grip on energy efficiency.

Only Smart Buildings

We do make

your life smarter

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