ONLY Smart Hotel is a Guest Room Management System (GRMS).
It balances the comfort of the guest with energy efficiency to ensure business and environmental sustainability.

From basic automation to BMS/PMS integration, ONLY Smart Hotel professionals are part of the solution. Having an expert team of integrators with specialised training, ONLY Smart Hotel is prepared to provide a prompt technical support and maintenance.

Each hotel holds a unique comfort profile and with ONLY Smart Hotel it is possible to configure the use of lighting and air conditioning in a simpler and more effective way for the guest. It is also possible to manage efficiently the guest room energy consumption and to drive the guest to an optimal room experience, generating greater guest satisfaction.

Welcome to the next generation of smart hotels.

Doing the best for your guest arrival

Guest Service/ PMS integration

ONLY Smart Hotel provides innovative and efficient control of lighting, heating/cooling and hotel guest services  with BMS integration.
This integration enables the activation of comfort and energy saving scenarios in the guestroom.

– During check-in the receptionist can previously activate the room air conditioning;
– Entrance light turns on when the guest validates key card door lock;
– Welcome scenario is activated when the  guest inserts key card into keypad slot or room presence is detected;
– Welcome scenario settings can be set up by BMS.

Besides features oriented to energy efficiency, ONLY Smart Hotel solutions also include ambient music with Hi-Fi quality and Bluetooth audio connection so that the guest can listen to his  favourite tunes from his mobile device or computer;
Room keypads are intuitive and contribute to a pleasant stay experience. In one same keypad it can easily be combined the control of lighting, climatization, shutters and audio.

There’s nothing
like the first

ONLY Smart Hotel engineered
to boost efficiency.

Efficient Energy Management
ONLY Smart Hotel is a powerful energy management tool. Through intelligent algorithm  and permanent monitoring of occupancy, circuits are deactivated when not necessary.

Central or local control of lighting;
Temperature control;
Monitoring of auxiliary contacts in floor power distribution switchboards;
Easy re-configuration of lighting control on areas with variable geometry.

A unique stay experience
under control.

Real time reporting at your service.
The BMS integration allows real time operation taking into account.
Check In / Check Out information, presence or absence of guest, room service and room  cleaning.

Technical information at BMS
Key card inserted;
Room temperature;
Temperature set point selected;
Window and Door contact status;
Guest presence in the room;

Awesome rooms
that lift your business

Hotel Room Installation Functions

Custom solutions
that make sense

Hotel Room Installation Overview


Wall Panels

Integrated control
on every wall keypad

Over a decade of experience focused on a supreme product. The colors, the button symbols  and the textures result in an intuitive yet simple interaction with the user, strengthening hotel’s brand image.

With custom colors and finishes, ONLY  Smart Hotel takes the keypads design very  seriously.
For the perfect fit, hotel logo  can be engraved on the keypads.

Only Click

Timeless click
4 press buttons.
Custom icons, colours including metal coating.

Only Touch & Only Glass

Smooth Control
1 to 9 soft touch buttons.
Custom icons, colours.

Only Smart Buildings

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