General Questions

  • As a manufacturer, ONLY sells equipment for home and hotel automation.

  • Only’s main advantage is the embracing production of equipment for controlling lighting, natural light, audio, safety and climatization.
    The customer will have an integrated automation, being able to interact from a single application.
    As a Fehst Group company, headquartered in Braga, Portugal, we have the capacity to produce all plastics, from injection, painting, laser engraving and chrome plating, properly customized to the customer’s taste and needs.

  • When you decide to purchase a ONLY home automation, you are buying comfort, modernity, energy efficiency and good taste.
    Currently with the massification of home automation, technology has evolved and prices are lower.

  • You should install home automation because routine tasks are no longer a concern and become automatic.
    Comfort becomes predominant, safety is guaranteed and control is enhanced, even when residents are away.

  • All ONLY equipment is produced at the premises of Enancer Electrónica, Lda in Braga, Portugal.

  • The materials used in the keypads are polycarbonate and anti-fingerprint tempered glass.

  • Polycarbonate keypads are protected by na ultraviolet curing varnish that ensures rigidity and protection from everyday risks.


  • The keypads are available in 4 standard colors: White, Black e Gray. However, you can choose other additional colors.

  • Yes. Standard finished are: matte, high gloss or glass.
    Icons can also be chosen in our online simulator (available soon).

  • Yes. It is possible to design any icon, as long as it respects the minimum size rules allowed.

  • Yes. There is a simulator (available soon) on our website that allows the visualization of keypads designed with the desired icons.

Products and Solutions

  • Yes. We have a solution developed for the control of Guest in the bedroom, Room cleaning and “Do not disturb”.

  • Yes. ONLY has specif modules for this purpose.

  • ONLY offers 3 types of keyboards or interfaces between user/actuator: Clikc, Touch and Wave.

  • Yes. With the association of exisitng gateways on the market, ONLY controls all types of air conditioning.

Only System

  • No. To include ONLY automation at home, just use the existing electrical network, adding an additional wire for the BUS in the same pipe.

  • Proprietary ONLY protocol and open for integration with other protocols.

  • Not necessarily. The server is used only and exclusively for remote control, voice control and integration with other communication protocols.

  • Yes, you can control a house from your mobile phone. ONLY provides an APP, called BeONLY for this purpose.

  • They can, as long as the system administrator allows it.

  • Yes. You can control and program according to your schedule or weather conditions, without call a specialized technician or installer.

  • It’s possible. The conception of scenarios and environments is very easy and intuitive. Any user can create it.

  • Yes. ONLY solutions can be integrated with the Alexa Amazon and Google Home system.

  • If the house is built from scratch it should be centralized for a simpler installation.
    In the case of renovations, the installation is mandatorily distributed to take advantage of the electrical installation and no work needed at home.

  • All modules have memory. Each module records its associated information.

  • If there is a power failure and there   is   no    energy    storage device, alternative energies or any other energy source, the equipment in the following areas turn off: automation, air conditioning and audio.
    The safety equipment remains active for a few hours, and after half an hour of power failure, the control panel notifies the failure.
    However, when power is recovered, all devices revert to their previous state.


  • To request a budget, please contact one of our certified partners or contact us via email projects@only-smartbuildings.com with the following information:

    • – Name
    • – Number
    • – Type of budget (Residential or Hotel)
    • – Location
    • – Desired features (if known)
    • – Project plan

    Your request will be forwarded to one of our partners.

  • ONLY as a manufacturer has available a network of accredited partners capable of performing the “Turnkey Service”.


  • All ONLY products are guaranteed for 2 years.

  • You should contact the partner who carried out the assembly of the equipment.

  • No. For a new features, software updates may be required.

  • Yes. For this you should contact certified partners.

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