Only Touch

Smooth Control
The soft touch, control without commotion.

Models OT
Standard ONLY touch panel with visual and acoustic feedback. This is the “most wanted” ONLY keypad mostly due to its minimal design.
1 to 9 soft touch buttons.
Custom icons, colours. No metal coatings.

Only Click

Timeless Pleasure
for the “click” reaction enthusiasts.

Models OC
Basic ONLY wall keypad with traditional click reaction buttons.
4 press buttons.
Custom icons, colours, including metal coating.

Only Wave

Advanced Technology
No click, no touch, just wave up or down, left or right… Like many things in life, all you need to do is waving.

Models OW
New paradigm on how to interact with a wall “keypad”.
No buttons, it’s the way you move your hand in front of the panel that triggers an individual action.
Custom icons, colours. No metal coatings.

What does an ONLY panel do?
To each button or gesture you may define one of the following actions or triggers:

Where to install it?
On the wall, over any actuator installed on the standard switch wall box (actuators model C) exception for audio and climatization that require an OLED display panel.
The ONLY CLICK models are also available on table top wireless version.

Only Smart Buildings

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