Crafted to
protect you

Customising absence or night modes or specific safety scenarios make it possible to act preventively on your safety.
In order to keep you safe and by interacting with light system, shutters open and lights turn on in case of fire detection.

Your home always vigilant.

About Only Safety

ONLY SAFETY is made of a security control panel and ONLY wall keypads with or without OLED display. It detects intrusion, water or gas leakage and fire.

Together with the ONLY Smart Home systems it allows the automatic activation of smart events when a hazard situation occurs improving safety: opens shades, blackouts, etc., through open/close modules; it turns on lights during a night hazard. The communication SAFETY bus is supported by batteries allowing the total functioning even during a power fail. The SAFETY panels are dedicated to that function and some of its buttons might be used for automation purposes.

Where it is installed

The security control panel has its own wall mounting box and its security keypads are suitable for standard in-wall box installation.

How to set it up

Directly on the dedicated security keypads or by using myONLY app.

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