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The Sindh Society is a well-known and sought after neighbourhood in Pune, Maharashtra, India – Brad Pit and Angeline Jolie rented a house there while filming “A Mighty Heart”, launched in 2007. There, lies a beautiful 18,000 sq. ft new bungalow designed by the prestigious Amit Bhat Architects office. It was built over 3 floors and includes bar, swimming pool and a gym.

ONLY Smart Home does the job of controlling and automating the entire house’s lighting, dimming, curtains, shutters and security via the sophisticated ONLY touch panels installed throughout the house.

MK ENTERPRRISES, a certified ONLY partner in India, carried out the automation project and installation. “Both the architect and the client were very impressed with product quality, project execution, and the maintenance-free operation that is unique to this system and are developing other projects with the same solution”, according to Amit Agrawal, responsible for the project.

MK ENTERPRRISES has been in the field of Electronic Security Systems installation including CCTV, Fire Alarm, Access Control, PA Systems and more for more than 15 years, and has successfully launched a Home Automation division a few years ago, with ONLY Smart Home.

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