Web Server Integration

The core thinker

The D-WSX1 server is your Smart Home manager that allows you, through the BeONLY app,
to configure your preferences and control your home.

And that’s why you shouldn’t be surprised if BeONLY app notifies you about your video doorbell, climatization or window shutters.
D-WSX1 server will seek all the time to grant  you comfort and safety without disregarding  your energy bill.

How it works

The D-WSX1 module is a complementary server to the ONLY Smart Home system that automatically detects installed ONLY equipment, allows communication with other technologies, sensors, video door bell, smart locks, video cameras, weather stations, voice command systems, so many possibilities!
It connects automatically to your ONLY Smart Home  system and collects all the information for the control. With BeONLY app, you setup events, scenes and favourite  behaviour.

After defining your favourite comfort and efficiency  settings, D-WSX1 server will strive to provide you with  the best comfort and security while always maintaining  power consumption as low as possible.
With encrypted communication and password protected login, your data is always safe and out of the cloud.

Where to install it

Installed in the power distribution board, electrical power, communication BUS and LAN access is all that is needed.


ONLY Smart Home works daily for the support of new  communication protocols. Besides ONLY  BUS, the D-WSX1 server supports third party protocols like *Z-Wave, Modbus, EnOcean, MQTT, EIB/KNX and more.

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